US $5 bill

So far the backlog at customs has not been out of hand as the workers are considered essential. Still several small items imported from China this year have not arrived.

On average it seems that one in seven are undelivered. Years ago an item was delivered more than 8 months after it had been ordered. Most MIA items are never delivered even late.

The recent hostage exchange did nothing to help morale with Chinese merchants who depend on goodwill like everyone else. China is no different but some large corporations are becoming a problem and the government has been dragging it heels to deal with problems.

Earlier I commented in the Evergrande Group and its increasingly apparent that the Chinese regulators will simply let them fail and allow the legal system to clean up the mess. Given the $300 billion of red ink, that could become a real mess to resolve. The man on street in China must be as cynical as anyone with the way things are going.

Down at the market for SATA cables, charger cables and other related products are widely sold in Chinese markets. They sell one or a thousand just as easily. All they care is how much money you got, commerce 101. I usually buy 10 at a time for cables to be sure if one is no good a spare might work.

Most of the commerce in China is the same as everywhere else. Streets with assorted retailers all compete for shoppers. The same applies to Japan, Korea and other nations in the region.

Canada is maybe 35 million with an average after tax income of $33,800 which puts us slightly behind the US. The US average is $31,133. China is now averaging 97,379¥ which is $15,014 US. Over time it is expected the average earnings in China will reach the G7 levels in a decade.

Until the domestic labor dispute is resolved it may be not until 2022 before I am resuming procurements. I have several spare cables at present and my tools collection is fine as well.