Vendors are noticing demand for laptops have slowed somewhat. Chromebooks are apparently down 50%. HP and Samsung have both warned of slowing demand. So far not a peep from Apple.

The driving force largely is due to market saturation. A machine purchased last year is mostly likely still in use. The typical laptop can last for several years.

Consumers are also spooked by comments from the US Fed suggesting rate hikes in 2023. Higher rates are also affecting the bond markets and stock markets to some extent. Trader are expecting that the Fed will keep its promise to reduce the bond refunding over time. US 10-year bonds jumped back over 1.5% in recent trading. Come Friday, the US Government is expected to shut down as no budget has been passed. On October 18, the US is poised to default.

My decade old Lenovo T500 still boots Windows 10 fine and that machine is viable until that support evaporates. The Apple MacBook is thin and light which makes it easier to carry around in a backpack.

Lots of old machines are still used to watch video on YouTube. Google probably has to buy a bunch of 5U84 servers daily to handle the volume of content. Google has data centers all over the world. They also are a huge internet company with vast amounts of fiber spanning the globe.

Google’s search is an inverted index and since about 2001 or so this is now able to be fit into main memory which makes the search faster. The index is partitioned by document IDs into many pieces called shards. Each shard is replicated onto multiple servers.

In June 2010, Google rolled out a next-generation indexing and serving system called “Caffeine” which can continuously crawl and update the search index. Previously, Google updated its search index in batches using a series of MapReduce jobs. The index was separated into several layers, some of which were updated faster than the others, and the main layer wouldn’t be updated for as long as two weeks.

Lots of hard disks are purchased for NAS boxes. Seagate, Toshiba and WDC all compete in the consumer market segment. A good NAS such a the Synology 8 disk models are great assets for backups and archives.

Desktop rigs are a different animal.Desktop users buy hard disks in volume as well given game collections grow. Graphic cards are still far too expensive for gaming. Most gamers replace the motherboard maybe every 5 years with the RAM cycle. The X570 was procured to provide PCIe 4.0 performance and earlier this year the Samsung 980 PRO was installed which offered 2TB.

The AX1600i and RM650 power supplies have expanded the capabilities in the studio. The B350 has an Athlon 3000G which makes it perfect for a web server. With 4 memory slots the RAM capacity is spectacular.

The Apple MacBook works great after Apple fixed the keyboard. The retina display is the main feature as it can edit this site easily and Steam runs on the machine fine. A more powerful machine is not really needed. The new machines have more RAM and more SSD but the existing machine does what I need.