Reports are pouring with racks of video cards being sold as is instead if pulling the video cards and selling them off to gamers. Some of the power supplies are sellable as well as long as the cable sets can be gathered up. The photo shows servers being sold in their entirety instead of being parted out. Photo was taken in Thailand earlier.

Typically gamers are being screwed for hardware from an insane gold rush. The power wasted is also obscene.

racks with RTX 3080 Ti cards

Most likely there will be more racks of video cards coming out of the woodwork but it remains to be seen if they will find some cards for gaming. The large number of cards show suggests a lot of gamers are forced to the sidelines. So idle mining machine can be disassembled and the cards sold, no big deal and RTX 3080 Ti cards are great gaming at 3840×2160 etc. The RM850 PSUs are eye opening as there are other models of power supply with more cables for mining. The RM850 is excessive for a single enthusiast video card but viable. The AX1600i is simply more excessive.