alexa logo

There is a widget in the site that shows the Alexa page rank for the site for victors. Over time the pagerank has moved from well above 10 million to under 5 million which is a major change. Traffic on the site has grown to near 100K page views per month. It’s not clear if 1 million per month is possible but the Lenovo x230 can handle a lot of traffic fine. Trends in gaming are hard to figure out to increase traffic.

More interesting is that there is now 1 star instead of none. Not sure of the meaning yet bit it may be related to the higher pagerank.

Long ago Alexa was free to use by webmasters but maybe 4 years ago they have gone completely commercial with very high price tag. Guess Bezos was not feeling so generous anymore.

All I can say with any confidence is that the widget does track the site to some extent. Still a long way to go to move into the top of the gaming industry. Still the progress is encouraging.