halo infinite

It seems that I am now experiencing Not Authorized with the Halo: Infinite insider beta. I have consequently removed the game from the library to free up space for games that do work.

Not sure what the problem is now but I tweeted Halo Support with no change in status. Nothing on the known issues either.

If the servers are not available a different message would be displayed. At least that is what I would expect and the the SP target practice is possible so something deeper is wrong.

At least Halo: Master Chief Collection is working so I have that as an option. Worst comes to worst there is always Left 4 Dead 2.

Clearly the problems caused by that kraut who does not realize there are some who are substantially better. Tampering with posts and stealing my solutions is a real slap in the face. Stealing content is why this site has been heavily protected to stop the insanity. My account is banned till 2552. that will cost a pile when I get to it.