In Russian magazine, they interviewed a person who claims to have high level contacts with the people involved with the REvil ransomware campaign.

The REvil community, which returned to the market, was dying out of fear of being exposed, he said. The “Russian hacker” did not rule out that members of the REvil group took a two-month vacation to ensure their safety. They were prompted to do this by the disappearance of one of the active supporters of the unification.

At the same time, he did not rule out that Unknown could get sick with coronavirus, get hurt in an accident, or even go out of business. “You are anonymous. When you want to go out of business, you simply press the shutdown button on your laptop, ”said the malware developer.

He also commented on the appearance on the market of the BlackMatter group, whose members call themselves the new leaders of the cybercriminal world. According to the interviewer at, this community refused to attack the objects of the American critical infrastructure, so as not to attract too much attention of the special services. When asked if the BlackMatter and DarkSide factions could actually be the same grouping, the hacker replied in the affirmative.

This interview now clarifies the picture of who the criminals are what they are up to next. This also clarifies that the Russian government is not an active member. This shows the malware is built by criminal elements whose are only interested in fraudulently obtained wealth.

At the end of August, a large database with personal data of hundreds of thousands of Russian Utair passengers appeared on the darknet again . The authors of the leak were hackers from the Iranian cyber criminal group Arvin Club. They argue that they are not interested in making money – it is much more important for them to point out to organizations that there are serious security gaps. Iranians are not known to be involved in any corporate extortion.

NB: This a crude translation of a Russian media article sent to me. Attempting to use Google is useless, they still do not understand Russian thinking.