Let’s Encrypt Root X3 certificate has expired and new certificate and its replacement R3 are now operational. Some older systems may need to manually update the certificates. Reports of widespread outages come as no surprise to me as many are so unskilled at operating Linux. Old devices such as the iPhone 4 are not being updated so they are now dysfunctional. Apple is now only supporting the iPhone 6S and above. Older versions of Windows will also be affected.

The Ubuntu 20.04 based server automatically swapped out the certificates so the site remains operational as usual.

Earlier OpenSSL was updated on the machine:


is the location of the machine’s certificates and the updated certificates are all functioning properly.

The certificate for HTTPS was pressured by Google. While the certificate is tied to the domain privacy is maintaIned as GoDaddy redacts whois to protect my privacy.

It may be some time for everybody to get updated and there internet connections working properly again.