Checking game reviews from prior to March 2021 I running into vast numbers of posts where the images are damaged. I may need to fix as many as 1000 game reviews depending on the condition of the posts. Some posts have have had an image added from the media library. Depending on the context it may span from the game cover for want of an image to a video card that was know to run that game fine. WordPress can scroll through every post in short order so that any damage or changed desired can be done in short order.

Some old games have limited available screenshots but more recent games from the bubble and onwards have lots of screenshots available.

Hyper-V does not support screenshots anymore which is frustrating as DOS and other early games are harder to make a screenshot from.

The Trident 3DImàge 9750 was the first 3D card to hit the market. The 9750 is available in PCI and AGP slot configurations. The card was available in early 1997 and it was a popular card. The 9750 supports DX3 and DX5 games. Shortly after this card surfaced, a flood of new 3D capable cards came to the market with better gaming performance. The GeForce 256 card surfaced in 1999 and the drivers were stable enough to win market share.

Some old games from the bubble are limited in graphics capability. The developers were too hasty and did not consider that there are a diversity of monitors out there. Worse was the limited 3D capability of period graphics cards. Still there are a wide range of shooters and role playing games from the period.

Generally games with DX5 are mostly working with modern Windows as long as no DRM problems were found. Some DX3 games have also been able to run on modern machines.