No real surprise that most computers are not ready for Windows 11.

Although most computers have the required 4 gigabytes of RAM, more than half (55.6%) lack a processor from Microsoft’s list, and nearly a fifth (19.26%) lack TPM 2.0.

Microsoft has said they will support Windows 10 until 2015. By that time adequate supplies of TPM hardware should be readily available. The price for a TPM chip has risen substantially making a quick fix expensive at present.

When DDR5 based motherboard hit the market the first motherboard will likely not be in use long as better models tend to surface fairly quickly. The desired CPU needs to support PCIe 5.0 but leaks suggest that may not be available immediately.

The existing X570 system runs Windows 11 fine and some procrastination for upgrades can be tolerated as games at this point ar very playable. Those with B350, X370, X470 and B550 will also be in comparatively good shape for Windows 11 as well. Most gaming enthusiasts have 8GB or more installed to handle modern games.

Intel users with older Skylake etc will be best off sticking with Windows 10 and look at modernization ASAP.