At present the site is averaging maybe 100K page views per month but organic growth of about 10-15% monthly suggesting that the milestone of 250K is not too remote. All I know is that I am far from getting enough traffic to ramp up earnings.

  • Page views (or pageviews): a ‘page view’ occurs when a user views a web page on a website. If a user or visitor visits more than one page, these are counted as additional page views.
  • CPM: Also known as ‘Cost Per Mille’ or cost per thousand impressions, refers to how much it costs to have an ad published and seen a thousand times on a website. This metric is used to monitor ad performance.
  • Ad Units: An ad unit is a space on a web page or app where an advertisement is displayed or ‘served’. Ad units appear in many layouts, formats and sizes across various devices including banner ads, sticky ads, in-content ads and interstitial ads.
  • Impressions: An impression or ‘ad view’ is a metric used to measure how many times an advertisement is displayed to a user on a web page or within an app. An impression is counted regardless of whether the ad is clicked or not, and if ad refresh is implemented, each new ad served counts as a new impression.

Amazon gives a viewability report which I already know is dismal. The footer ads are probably not seen much at all while the sidebar ad seems to get some action with desktop users. On a moving average Amazon is reporting about 40% increase in typical impressions compared to this time last year. Google and Bing are unaware of the situation as this domain is not very old since I registered it but I believe they have it figured out now.

The coffee ad is related to the gallons of coffee considered when fixing problems with the server. A lot of WP posts are damaged but slowly as time permits the cleanup is incremental. All that means is more guzzling coffee,

The interstitial ads are not widely used on the internet but retractable header ads are interesting. The problem with global advertising is coping with local market conditions. I have an account with VK along with every other social network. So posts can be shared in unexpected places. My goal is simply more page views.

WP has several options and this suggests some development may be needed to create a solid ad supported site. Some ad tools are already available for widget use but existing HTML containers are convenient for Amazon and most other ads I have placed on the site.


Outbrain10 million
Taboola1 million
Yahoo Gemini100 thousand
Triple Lift0
RevContent3 million
MGID90 thousand

While some are fine for lower traffic sites some are very exclusive to high traffic sites. Amazon is indifferent to traffic levels which is why they are seen all over on low traffic sites. Amazon ads are perfect for low demand posts so the are ideal for CDN class sites.

Google has been sluggish to provide traffic while Bing provides a tad more. Traffic out of China etc is hard to monetize. Traffic here is very globalized.

Looking at CNBC they use Google native ads that are focused on NewEgg a lot as I do price checks bookmarks. This is called behavioural advertising but at least Google can block it for me. Amazon ads by comparison read the post they are located on are select contextual products. I suspect Google’s ads tend to be rather creepy to some people.

Context ads are easier to blend into posts. That is the whole idea of native ads. Amazon has lots of servers so they can look over a particular post easily to see what offering to present. Context works better than some creepy behavioral ads which are of questionable value.