It seems that the service life for SATA cables is not good at all. When I went to install some software but the drive was not present. Jiggling the cable got it recognized in the BIOS but the drive was not working.

I grabbed a spare cable and replaced the old cable and immediately the BD drive is back in business. I need the optical drive for several purposes and the workload is surprisingly heavy. The short life is why I grab lots of 10 cables at a time to have several for the times when something stops working. This is the third SATA cable replaced since the last build.

Bad SATA cables can cause all kinds of problems which I discovered years ago. Why they fail suggests corrosion or damage from bending when put in place. The cables are mass produced in factories so its hit and miss as to how well the cable is manufactured. Even with testing the cables can still fail, the thin wire is likely the reason.

Not a bad idea to have 40 cm, 30 cm, 25cm and 20 cm cables to better fit hard disks etc so that slack is minimized. Air flow is improved with less slack in cables.

Even back with EIDE, hard disks cables were problematic. This lead to the 80-pin cables with more ground lines to reduce cable interference. The number of disks in use with EIDE were limited as each port supports only 2 hards.

Had to pull the EVGA RTX 2080 to more easily access the SATA cable block. The bracket on the card is not the best design on the planet. The Obsidian 750D is fairly standard in design suggesting the RTX 2080 bracket is incorrect for a proper 2 slot mount. EVGA’s bracket just fits one of the screw holes so a single screw holds the card straight. I have seen several aftermarket brackets intended to hold the video card more firmly. Even with 3 fan cards they seem to remain snug in tower class chassis fine as the bracket screw holds the card in the slot along with the slot clip.

AMD X570 supports more SATA than is presently made available for larger chassis rigs. Usually these are not even presented.

Problems with the graphics at BOOT suggest there are still lots of festering problems with the UEFI. The problems surfaced at POST before any operating system is loaded. See the report on boot, standby and shutdown.

I often buy several CDs from thrift stores and feed them all into iTunes. I have a large media rack with hundreds of CD albums.