Intel 665p SSD

Several games on the Intel 665p 2TB are not actively being played so I am moving a lot of games to the hard disks. This will free up space for Halo: Infinite and maybe a few other games.

The Sabrent 8TB SSD is desirable but funding is still a tad limited. For that reason the old Intel SSD still is on the payroll. Last check for the Sabrent SSD it was $1600 which is rather steep.

The Intel 665p is a 96-layer QLC SSD with relatively limited endurance. For a time the SSD will be empty pending more games to be procured. The SSD is about 24 months old now and it has served the studio fine.

The pool of hard disks are still in good condition with abundant available space. There are some smaller capacity disks in the machine such as the ancient WD15EADS which is being used for File History. The need for more hard disks may arise in a few years depending on the game collection needs.