msi rx 570

Reports are coming in from all over that Ethereum miners are finding their 4GB Polaris cards are bumping up against the size of the DAG file. At present the DAG file is a bit over 3.5 GB and growing.

DAG stands for Directed Acyclic Graph and without going into too many details, it is a crucial file in ETH and ETC mining. DAG file size grows over time, exactly every 30.000 blocks (Ethereum) or every 100 hours to be precise. DAG file has to be “loaded” into your GPU memory while mining. If the GPU does not have enough VRAM, Ethereum mining is not possible.

Some time ago it was discussed at length that the DAG file has been getting bigger and it has now outstripped 2GB cards. It did not take long before 3GB cards became useless. This naturally suggests old 4GB Polaris cards are becoming useless to mining some gaming cards are likely to start coming into the market in volume as miners buy 8GB cards and 16GB cards.

I think around 50-60% are 4GB cards because of the next facts. AMD cards are way cheaper and do better than NVIDIA cards for Ethash mining. Around 80-85% of mining cards on Ethash are AMD. Nvidia cards are more profitable for newer Core intensive Algorithms. The farms that mine ETH with NVIDIA are safe because most of the cards left mining are 6GB+ cards

As time goes by the DAG file may become to large for 8GB cards which will force miners to move to disliked RDNA 2 cards. RDNA and RDNA 2 cards are not good for mining like Polaris cards are.

The problem of a growing ledgers generally is affecting the entire idea of the blockchain system. As more transactions occur this will become unmanageable using a video card. Bitcoin itself has resorted to desiccated specialized machines which seems to direction for the whole sector.

Asrock 570 8GB29 MH/s
MSI RX 57027 MH/s
MSI RX 580 30 MH/s
RTX 208042.5 MH/s

Depending on the value of Ethereum, the cards earnings will vary substantially. Hash rates are also all over the dial depending on the available transactions.

Bitcoin etc have recovered after the last reported ripoffs have faded from public interest. The ransomware racket uses bitcoin to be able to wash the money more easily.

4 GB Polaris cards are fine for 1920×1080 gaming. They are made in a 14nm line so they are not super power hungry. Sellers need te be sure the original VBIOS is flashed to the card and verified so that it will work properly in its new role. The reason is that custom ROMs will not work with full drive packages.

RX 470 4GB and RX 480 4GB card prices have fallen in recent weeks. RX 570 4GB and RX 580 4GB are also much lower in price. Prices are now closer to MSRP and are likely to fall further as more cards are sold off. I am now expecting to see large numbers of 4GB cards flooding fleabay soon. I noted that many 4GB cards are priced lower with and “make an offer” is available which reinforces the expectation of lower prices.

I have also noted that 8GB Polaris cards have eased in price suggesting a migration in the mining sector towards different hardware is coming.