AMD Ryzen

It seems that the latest BIOS beta now has support for Windows 11. I am not sure what that entails over and above the AGESA tables for processors and the UEFI boot process. The F3 BIOS was posted a few days ago suggesting there may be another beta before HF is finalized.

  • Windows 11 Support.
  • Update to AMD ComboAM4PIV2

The ongoing problems with the cold boot remain and I have posted this on the EVGA forum with no comments so far. Not sure what I will do with the RTX 2080 given the boot problems.

The fast boot suggestion was useless as I have tried everything with the X570 motherboard. Worse comes to worse there are other video cards in the junk box to try out

The TPM on the R5 3600 was enabled after the BIOS reset suggesting the device is isolated from the UEFI. If this is the case then Bitlocker is possible without having to manually enter the key after every BIOS update. So far this has not been successful with discrete TPM logic so the security is compromised slightly.