Looking at my own logs, Jetpack and Google. I see a large discrepancy. So I disabled the Jetpack brute force protection. So Jetpack is harming site traffic which is tort liable for lost earnings.

Combined with the bugs in Gutenberg it is clear that the people running the show are out of touch with reality. I am developing alternatives for the functions in JetPack I want such as social sharing etc. The rest of it is crap.

WordPress is clearly out to lunch and need to take a good look in the mirror. Then ask your what have we done to alienate users so badly.

The thinker is presented to give some clarity to my comments. Harm was done to the site so right to redress is fact based. There is no exculpation available.

The following day Google reported more than triple the traffic. This suggests that the Jetpack idiots need to rethink what they are doing big time. The bloated software also slows page speed slightly.

JetPack should be called SlugPack in light of the evidence I have gathered. I am sure Gutenberg is turning over in his grave as well.

SEO crap is just that, crap. Search traffic is what this site lives on.

I have been spending a lot of hours with older posts cleaning them up and adding more images if none existed and fixing ones that disappeared. It seems that headaches with WordPress are more than Excedrin can handle.