I now have a better sharing solution than the SlugPack offerings. The new buttons are abundant in choices. Hopefully the choices still work as some social services have folded.

While there are a few I would like to support for my Chinese visitors I will be working on that problem. VK is now available for my Russian visitors. I am active on VK and I will be supporting more services where possible. The domestic suspects are apre well represented. Each is a simple square icon but I may look into using more sophisticated bottoms down the road.

I have also revamped related posts and with a 2560×1440 or 3840×2160 this site renders properly. Smaller screens will work but the related posts are not super flexible so related posts are disabled for AMP and mobile users. I may look into making it more dynamic but time constraints are a constant problem.

So far I have blocked at least 6 SEO hustlers. These cretins are of no value to anyone except themselves. Marketing is taught in university. I went to school.