So far the Huashe NB14E laptop has not seen Windows 11 offered via Windows update. The machine came with Windows 10 home but it was upgraded to Windows Professional to allow for more capabilities. The Celeron J3455 CPU is code name Apollo Lake which followed the Intel Skylake systems. It seems that Microsoft wants the discontinued Gemini Lake and above. Apollo Lake processors are still sold by Intel for $25 to $31 each as of today depending on the core count. Wonder who the Einstein is at Microsoft with such brutal system requirements.

The installer for Windows 11 balks that the CPU is not compatible. So much for the 2021 model laptop. This means that the machine will have a short service life as the Windows 10 has only under 4 years before support dries up. This immediately shows planned obsolescence which is a problem for recycling.

Intel supports DX12 with the Apollo Lake HD 500 graphics. It is basic with 12 EU and 96 cores. It is enough to run windows fine. Intel supports DX12 with Apollo Lake.

The machine shows a TPM 2.0 in the device manager so that is handled. In fact the machine has 4 cores that exceed the CPU requirements as well as limited integrated graphics and a 1920×1080 LCD. So system requiems are met. The J3455 is more powerful than Gemini Lake Celerons which only have 2 cores.

The CPU in the Huashe laptop is above the speed required at 1.5 GHz stock speed. It has double the cores required. The SSD has lots of room. System requirements are bogus.

It looks like some 500 million laptops will be cluttering the rubbish heaps when Windows 10 support dries up. Come October 14, 2025, those with older machines will have to get a new one. Given the cost of new laptops they are not replaced on the whim of some corporate agenda. Laptops can run for years as a basic tool for tasks like banking and social networking.

The Huashe laptop is not extensively used as it is primary for field work where it will be working beside the iPad. It has Microsoft Office install so handle word-processing etc.

One problem for Microsoft was a digital certificate expired on October 31, 2021. Most likely Windows 11 will be rolled out more widely in 2022 after bashing more bugs with the operating system. Sooner or later Windows 12 will surface but that may be 5 years down the road or more.

Given no Windows 11, this laptop will eventually be obsolete. A USB Ethernet adapter could allow the machine to be used as a web server. The ultra low power is helpful to save on energy.

So much for the 2021 model year laptop