Steam has finally got around to reducing bandwidth needed to repair damaged games. Waking from standby/suspend etc tends to crash all of the loaders.

  • When Steam detects a game file has been corrupted, it will now try to reuse as much of the corrupted file as possible to save bandwidth when downloading correct data for that file
  • Fix bug causing slow reconnect to Steam after resuming from a system suspend

The other fixes are also helpful.

  • Automatically install the audio drivers on Windows when streaming starts if needed, pass -skipstreamingdrivers on the command line to disable them
  • Pipewire desktop capture available on Linux, launch Steam with the -pipewire command line option to enable
  • Fixed Linux games seeing multiple controllers when Steam controller configuration support is enabled
  • Fixed Linux clients not getting any controller input once streaming starts
  • Fixed using multiple PS5 controllers connected via the Steam Link app
  • Fix infinite retry loop for failed background file downloads
  • Increased the allowed upload time to enable transferring large save game files for users who have limited upload bandwidth
  • Reduced sizes of Vulkan pre-caching datasets by splitting and versioning them according to Proton versions and graphics driver capabilities. As a result, the datasets will start from scratch after updating.
  • Add OS support for macOS 12 “Monterey”
  • Fix browser user agent causing some web sites to misidentify Steam Overlay web browser


Hard disks occasionally develop and error with a given block. Usually wiping the disk will recover from the transient errors and now the Steam loader can move entire disks full of games easily. Manual copying of games is another option when a disk full of games needs to be moved. It would be great if Steam would check games when the machine is idle to be sure the files are ok etc.

I have noticed more then triple the usual number of games being updated. None of the games downloaded much data at all suggesting some minor problems with the game integrity. The checking of games is a welcome move as many do not have funds for huge capacity M.2 SSD or server class hard disks.