Earlier I was struggling to make headway. I rejigged the outsiders and now that zone progress is far faster making the home stretch to zone 1 million easier. Before I needed to do 140 odd monsters to advance. It is much easier using the outsiders effectively as it plainly can be seen.

I had to cycle ascends twice a day to reach this level where Yachiyl is the same place I was at before I transcended. I noticed as I went past the Maw in only a few ascends that the transcendent power is active t the higher levels as indicated. It took me about 6 weeks to get back up to this level as the game is reset with a transcendance.

Once I get past Yachiyl the gameplay changes slightly with the bonus DPS from levels. The higher DPS is sorely needed to be be able to continue towards higher and higher zones. The progress is slow heading towards zone 1 million simply as it moves the play towards Ace Scout Rose where the zones fade into terra incognita when 1 million becomes 2 million…..

I am still a little short of reaching the level needed for more guilds. The Maw resulted in a huge increase in guilds. The carpet of them is now almost 2000 thick.

For some reason the game stops progress occasionally so checking in on the game is necessary to be sure it is progressing properly.