China has been struggling to provide enough energy to keep the economy functional. The nation has been building several new reactors to reach a fleet of 50. They are continuing the expand the fleet and are poised to increase the power from nuclear over the coming decades. China has also offered to build 30 nuclear power plants along the belt and road initiative route by 2030.

The ruins of the incomplete German Stendal NPP reactor building

In Germany natural gas prices have risen as much as 500% as shortages in stockpiles dwindle and local sources are less abundant. Germany has been phasing out nuclear power in favor of renewables. Wind now represents more than 25% of the energy in Germany. The problem is that wind is variable so it’s not very reliable. Solar represent 10% of the grid and it is also subject to weather conditions.

France has a large fleet of nuclear reactors which keeps their grid well supplied. France has also installed some wind and solar to complement the energy supply. Spain is further south so solar would be slightly more efficient.

Oil (38%) and natural gas (24) dominate the EU energy mix. Coal (14%) and nuclear (11%) are smaller components. Hydro represents 4% of EU energy.

Now looking at West Texas intermediate and it’s now near $80 / bbl. Most likely the price increase is going to motivate more drilling in the oil shale area. Saudi oil is delivered to the US regularly to stabilize supplies. Saudi oil also is delivered to the EU regularly. Iraqi oil shipments are now slowly ramping up.

Canada is energy rich so shortages are not an issue here but Europe is struggling. Locally electrical power is subsidized by sales to the US. Still the PSU is hyper efficient to show the desire for reducing waste.

Cotton has also risen as both the US and India have had adverse growing conditions. Coffee has also moved up to around $2 per pound which is double what it was a year ago. Orange juice has remained fairly stable over the last decade. Trees are lower as construction slows but toilet paper is still in short supply.

The gaming rig is efficient, it uses 200W at idle with the monitor on. Less than 160W when the monitor is power down. The air purifier uses about 25W. Still high oil prices make it hard to drive etc. Which will have an impact on groceries and more.