This morning I found Windows 11 to be unresponsive enough to warrant a hard reset. This suggests that Windows 11 is still a tad rough for general distribution. Pretty much every mooring the machine has to be rebooted to recover stability.

Microsoft Office 2019 which is based on the .NET framework has crashed repeatedly. Outlook has been the worst, Excel however seems to be less problematic.

Evidently the latest updates are even worse for AMD Ryzen users. The problems with the L3 cache latency are destabilizing the CPU. AMD and Microsoft need to work harder on the problem so that performance problems are not at issue.

The Ryzen cache system is very carefully designed for maximum performance. The R5 3600 seems to be working fine with Windows 10 but so far Windows 11 has been really troublesome.

The problems are suggestive that Microsoft has changed the kernel architecture and inadvertently created some new problems. It’s not altogether clear what they did but I may look into it down the road.

Generally Windows 11 does not last more than 24 hours before its unstable. So any demanding compute jobs are better off on a machine with Windows 10 which is more stable.

NVIDIA recently released a new DCH driver but some cclammor for the old driver type still exist. DCH is the model looking forward and more hardware is now being configured this way.