Bing has been dumping organic pageviews galore on the site. Google by comparison seems to be really slim pickings. Evidently Google is more focused on advertising and Youtube than on search. Bing sends maybe 1 pageview every 17 seconds during the main waking hours globally and a lower rate of 1 every 2 minutes at global minimums.

Most of the time Bing is 30-50 pageviews a day and Google is maybe 6-12. The best bing has done lately is 70 clicks while Google only managed 15. Search has been insignificant for so long.

REVIL INTERVIEW IN RUSSIA is now heavily backinked all over Russia and eastern europe, It is also backlinked with several security companies suggesting my report is of very high interest. At least 500 backlinks are known via Bing.

Chrome supports several search engines:

  • Google
  • Ecosia
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • DuckDuckGo

There are many more search engines but at present this list shows that Google is now trying to move away from being a monopoly. Lots of Google ads all over suggesting they are abandoning search to others.

Bots are crawling the site fine it’s simply the indexing that seems to be at issue. It does not seem that any one has been able to beat the search engine independance. Search uses a Markov chain which is typical for an site index. Stuffing everything into a convention SQL system will not easily suffice.

Perhaps Google has realized that being a monopoly has its downsides. I get some traffic out of China but the site is globalized so several search engines all over the world are all contributing. Google has also been criticized over the interest based ads. Ads for a purchased item flood other sites, not very bright. At least Google allows a person to stop seeing particular vendors ads.

The Amazon ads here are context which looks at the post and attempts to find suitable items, does not always work but most of the time it figures it out.