For some reason the power went down for about 10 minutes. Once it came back the cable network box takes quite some time to reboot and connect.

Not sure what causes the outages. The studio is as efficient as it gets for power. When editing the site the rig, monitor and air purifier all use under 200W of power.

The entire south island has 8.5 MW capacity to handle about 200,000 homes. Most power in the province is hydro based but some natural gas generators are also used. A gas fired generator could provide 500MW of power which would eliminate worry about shortages.

Over in China efforts to overcome power shortages has driven the nation to use more coal. China has also been eager to buy natural gas from anyone who will sell it. China has spent a fortune modernizing the power delivery system so that the national grid is fairly robust. Globally there is a driving need to rebuild some of the electrical infrastructure to allow demand to be more balanced.

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Canadian power grid

500 kV is about the highest that transmission lines use. Using more voltage will simply lead to ionization of the air which would cause short circuits. What is really needed is a lot of backup lines to be able to move power from place to place with minimal disruption. At present many power sources in Canada are not particularly national, insteal most of the power is routed through US transmission for sale there.

BC (12 GW) and Quebec (33 GW) have vast hydro power systems. There is so much power available that much of it is sold to the US. In the pacific northwest region there is a dense matrix of power distribution systems to handle locally produced hydro.

Many cities have a power ring that provides power that may have a few feeder lines. Circular power distribution is seen as less likely to fail as it is redundancy by nature.