The old X3 attestation certificate is now replaced with a R3 certificate which updated transparently with most Linux distributions. The certificate is issued for 90 days with unlimited renewals.

Lets Encrypt has a new server which can handle a larger workload but distributed systems are common and are far less costly.

The R3 certificate should be transparent in operation which makes the site suitable for Google etc. There is no commerce here so the certificate is simply more work for an overworked webmaster.

OpenSSL was updated suggesting the tools are all completely updated so that the certificate for the domain is completely operation.

Lots of websites are using long out of support versions of Linux. The distribution in use at present still has a few years of primary support remaining. Updates have been problematic in the past but I have lots of experience setting up fresh installs of Linux for web hosting etc.

Once a TELNET connection is established the job is easy. VSFTPD makes it easy to move content from one machine to another.