ZEN3 V-cache will be mass produced in November. ZEN 3 B2 has been shipped and is expected to be available at the end of December. The new stepping will be popular for AM4 users.

ZEN 4 is also expected to use V-cache when it is introduced. The new cache design should show some improved benchmark results once the processors surface at local vendors.

One thing AMD found out with its Zen 3 architecture is that games love lots of low-latency local cache. Throwing more of the stuff onto its chips should logically result in an uplift in performance and sure enough, that’s exactly what Dr Lisa Su showed at Computex, with that 5900X prototype hitting 206 fps at 1080p in Gears V, while the normal chip delivered 184 fps. That’s a 12% increase in performance without needing a complete architectural redesign.