After calling iOS 15 bug riddled, Apple has now released iOS 15.1 to the iPhone, Apple TV and iPad. The download is about 5.5 GB

WatchOS 81. has also been released. It installs much more quickly.

Some improve for the cameras on the iPhone 13 but most of the code changes are bug fixes.

Apple has reduced the price of the original AirPods to $129. The new AirPod 3 should be widely available in a few weeks.


  • Multiple watches still all ring waking alarms Series 3 and Series 6
    • Focus is ignored on Series 3
  • iMessage is using SMS instead of the secure message link Blue is iMessage, Green is SMS
    • Goto settings=>Messages and select Send & Receive, select use Apple ID
  • iTunes albums mangled in some cases forcing a new import
    • iPhone 11 Music album art is often missing, art shows in the bug riddled iTunes
    • occasionally skips back while transitioning from one song to the next in playlists.
    • The player has been unresponsive when in a playlist
    • Shuffle play is redundant
  • iPad screen is left on when the unit is connected to a powered down PC finally fixed but notifications still waste power
  • Speedtest hit new low of 1.5 megabit down from the usually sluggish 15 megabit on the iPhone 11. Using Safari is fine but apps are slow
  • Syncing data to the iPhone 11 often fails
  • The Beats 3 disconnects when listening to music, reconnecting was successful