After several updates the machine is now more stable than it has been over the last several months. The earlier post exceeded 500 pageviews. Machine specs are here.

The MSI X570-A PRO has not been a problem all of the time. It seems to be over the last 6 months that more problems than solutions have surfaced.

I have used several different video cards and the EVGA RTX 2080 has been the worst for headaches. New cards at present are so expensive as to be prohibitive.

If I power down the machine after work, it now does so properly. The problem is when I power up in the morning there is a problem with the video being blank. The only recovery is to ride the reset button. This is a BIOS fault and loading windows does not correct the error.

Curiously rebooting the machine works perfectly. The issues is only present from a cold start. This suggests some UEFI problem with initializing the video card properly.

Earlier some disks were disappearing so I have changed the wiring and added more power cables instead of using SATA power splitters. The improved power did not solve all of the problems so I replaced several SATA data cables. Now the disks are all present and working as expected. It seems SATA data cables are rather vulnerable to failure so its a good idea to have lots of spares available.


Standby works but Steam is the problematic. It seems that Steam is not acclimated to the standby which means Valve is asleep instead of maintaining their loader. It seems that steam reports a write error but I can use explorer and the disk is fine. This means I need to reboot to get steam happy.

Origin has not worked for god knows how long and I removed it but EA has a new loader that at least is not problematic but not all of the games I own are present yet. Playtesting one game showed nobody playing at all. So the games are now dead leaving me with 500GB of dead multiplayer games.


Eventually a new motherboard, CPU and RAM will be procured but there is no rush as early adopters tend to have to replace parts more frequently. DDR5 is likely to be expensive for 18-24 months until supplies can catch up with the broader market. The AM4 platform went through 3 revisions of the x70 class motherboards: X370, X470 and finally X570. More likely AM5 will see a similar evolution so waiting for some real improvements may take until 2023.

Leaks suggest AMD has added 4 PCIe lanes which will go far towards several peripheral options, still it’s probably not enough. A second full speed M.2 slot is desirable. USB 4.0 will be demanding as well. Adoption of 10GBASE-T is long overdue. The HEDT processors have more PCIe lanes but processors are far too expensive for gaming.