Every time I am on the WD forum I see posts galore over somebody’s My Book Like. This is due to malware in the wild that is attacking the storage units left right and center. Reports of passwords changed mean a users data is lost. WD last updated the My Book like back in 2015 so its high time to get a new solution before the unthinkable happens.

USB hard disks are cheap and these can help with backups. Synology NAS units are more expensive but they are available with no hard disks installed.

The problem I have noticed with USB disks is that the USB port itself is often at issue. The reason is that the hardware of the SoC is not designed for full time use. This is why the NAS box is a safer choice as this is access via the WiFi as a local resource. Laptop USB ports are safe to use a USB device for data transfers. Afterwards the USB device needs to be removed.

My Book Live and My Book Duo Live units need to be replaced yesterday. Before it’s to late and ransomware attacks. NAS units are more costly but by design they are more robust.

Synology DS1821+