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Due to component limitations, the Steam Deck handheld gaming machine is not going to be delved in December as earlier promised. The new shipping date has been pushed back. Some pre-order purchasers were informed that latter shipments of the 64 GB model and 256 GB NVMe models would in Q2 2022, and the 512 GB NVMe model by Q3 2022.

Valve informed pre-purchasers in November 2021 that due to the current semi-conductor supply chain issue that the Steam Deck will fail to ship by December and instead will plan to ship in February 2022, retaining the same order for delivery based on pre-order placement.

The Steam Deck uses an APU that is less powerful than the Xbox so developers will need to compile their respective games to be be able to run on the machine. For this reason developers will need at least one or two machines for development and test purposes. The AMD APU being used has 8 CU which is rather limited for the screen resolution. The APU uses RDNA 2 graphics and Visual Studio 2019 and above can handle the AMD SDK.

Playtesting games in the R5 2400G suggested that optimizing games for the APU could boost frame rates substantially.

The Nintendo Switch is the same storey which also needs games compiled for the machine’s hardware configuration. The Switch has a SDK that is able to handle the machine specs well.