Checking in on my ancient Lenovo X230 I see that the 240GB mSATA SSD is still hardly used even loads of screenshots. Prices for SSD products are lower than ever but the machine is doing fine as is. SSD endurance is driven more by TBW than operating hours. The PSU brick is also durable as the 90W models are mass produced and can handle the undemanding needs of the X230 easily.

The X230 is UEFI so its able to use secure boot so that Linux is more secure. The CPU is and old Ivy Bridge model which seems to be adequate. The power consumption is minimal as the machine is idle most of the time.

The machine simply is placed on top of the media rack beside the Hitron box. A different machine with more storage can be used as a CDN server such as handling the site downloads etc. Game fixes for HD and playability are accumulating.

Transmission is available for Linux to handle torrent download. This means no problems for machines after 2025 when Windows 10 reaches EOL. Windows 11 seems to be too remote for old machines.

Right now there is only a few SATA SSD in the studio as most are M.2 NVMe models. More recent higher end laptops are using M.2 SSD which afford faster boot times.

The old Thinkpad definitely has potential for more. UEFI means there is no problem with a larger SSD if needed. The 8GB of RAM installed is also overkill as Linux reports using 12% of the RAM. A large capacity SSD would allow the machine to be a web host for a lot of users. The earning from web hosting are minimal.