Facebook is usually the most visited site in the planet. On a given month they have upwards of 540 million unique visitors. Facebook also sees upwards of 630 billion page views per month. This compares to the Hardcore Games with maybe 30,000-50,000 unique visitors with some 100,000-250,000 page views but the traffic here is all over the dial. The site has been able to rise up the ranks to be in the top 1% but general awareness is far from universal. At present the site depends on content and the goodwill of search engines. There is no budget for marketing.

Advertising on Facebook is difficult in the extreme. Content moves so fast on a minute by minute basis that any advertisement is gone with the wind. Twitter also moves so fast that content cannot be found again. Social media values are overwhelmed by traffic volume. I uninstalled Facebook from my phone after seeing nothing but page after page of ads.

Facebook like most sites uses MySQL to handle their site tables. Facebook uses a completely custom front using mostly Python as opposed to the more common PHP.

Facebook has also spent a staggering amount of cash on servers. They had no choice with 630 billion page views per month. SSD servers are too slow so facebook made custom servers using RAM to speed up the databases. The idea of a RAMdrive with a TB of storage is expensive but viable.