Finally found some new native footer ads that are a perfect fit for the footer block in the site template. The ads are 16:9 in aspect ratio which make them more natural looking with modern panel designs. I have been using native ads on the site for a very long time. The reason is that they are faster to display, blend better into the site design and are generally less intrusive. So far native ads have slowly become more available for smaller websites.

Native ads are faster than bulky display ads and are far more amenable to procedural management. There have been many types of ads available but it may be some time before the site can earn enough money to afford more PC hardware which is in constant need. Video cards are very expensive and the 4K panel needs high performance graphics.

The footer ads is adjustable as well which makes it perfect for various screen resolutions. This is the main idea around native ads, they blend in perfectly. Unfortunately the viewability of the footer is relatively poor which suggests click rates may be < 1 per thousand. This new ads are dramatically better than the old Amazon ads which are in desperate need of modernization.

The native ad format has been available now for about 7-8 years since Amazon first developed the new formats. An experiment with native CPM sidebar display ads lasted 12 months. The theme can support left and right sidebars but the single sidebar is adequate, The use of embedded Amazon ads has generally been problem free but WordPress does not support procedural solutions readily.

Screen resolutions here for laptop users run from 1366×768 to 3840×2160. Desktop resolutions here run from 1366×769 to 7680×4320. The site template is a maximum of 2000px and it can adapt to lower resolution panels. Higher resolution panels can use the zoom feature to make the site fill the full LCD width. Testing the site with mobile also showed it to be renderable. Some mobile victors are looking for mobile game reviews.

The Google Safe Browsing status shows the site continues to be clean. The site is managed based on the published policies of being a safe place to read about gaming and PC gaming hardware etc.