To add more content to the site I have reviewed over 250 new free to play games from various independent develops. Many games are developed by a single person while some are a small team. Free to play has been a godsend to game reviewers who can play the game and review it.

In recent weeks I have seen my hard work reviewing independent games has resulted in a sharp increase in traffic for games generally. At last check there are almost 1,500 games reviewed.

A lot of the independent developers are actively maintaining their respective games long after release. This is pleasing as they lack the beta testing that larger studios have available. As more players load the game it becomes more apparent that some fixes are needed and posts on the game community are acted on.

Much of the capital expenditures here at the studio are for hardware assets. The need for substantial hard disk capacity is obvious.

The Unreal engine is very popular with the free to play developer as it has no royalties unless the game is very commercially successful. The Unity engine is low cost and many assets are available for the platform to help make a better game.

The focus for the winter of 2021-2022 is to continue to review more free to play which seem to be very popular with my users.