It seems that the illegal robocall systems are using a new campaign to terrorize people. This latest message claims there is a warrant out from border services which not how they operate. Many are ignorant of the legal system which is why I am posting this.

The caller claims an imported package contains something illegal and there is a warrant out for them. Police and RCMP do not call before executing a warrant, and border services does not have police officers. Police are hunting down the miscreants that perpetrate the false claims. Personation is a major offence in Canada.


Robocalls are working the free night at some resort. The scammers then trick the unwary for credit cards etc. Soon afterwards the cardholder is swindled for charges galore.


Text message scams are usually easy to spot. One recent message said I received a $122.21 CAD from AMZN CANADA, Reply “YES” to continue. The phone number suggested the call was from Toronto but it is counterfeit.