Neither AMD nor Nvidia can build enough graphics cards to keep up with demand. Gamers and creators are demanding new graphics cards to handle the latest workloads, with the launch of a new console generation and the onset of AI accelerated computing driving more demand than ever for consumer GPUs.  Production needs to be doubled to get ahead of extant demand.

Now news from Gigabyte that a new RTX 2060 with 12GB VRAM is being introduced. This is double the VRAM of the original model but added VRAM is now more important for modern games. The RTX 2060 is a good card for gaming which will go far to expanding the market for PC gaming. It is not known if the card will offer LHR to keep it away from mining interests.

Nvidia’s RTX 20 series was built using TSMC’s 12nm lithography technology, an older process technology than the Samsung 8nm node that is used to create their RTX 30 series products. This allows Nvidia to build RTX 20 series silicon without impacting RTX 30 series silicon manufacturing using Samsung’s 8nm node, allowing Nvidia to create more RTX silicon for the GPU market. 

Many gamers with older video cards would do well with a 12GB RTX 2060 for 1920×1080 gaming. It supports all DirectX 12 Ultimate features, Nvidia’s DLSS technology and can sit under Nvidia’s RTX 3060 to give the PC market a lower cost RTX product offering

I suspect that a vast number of cards will need to be manufactured to handle the demand. By flooding the market with lower cost cards the scalpers may be driven into bankruptcy which would be pleasing to many gamers.

The RTX 2060 with a dual fan cooler like the reference card will likely last for 5 years or more for gaming. The extra VRAM is a real bonus.