In 5 years from now it will be nominally 2027. By this time semiconductors will be a substantially larger part of daily life more so than now. Many products already have aa modest CPU in them such the hot water unit that keeps your webmaster in coffee, more products will be more convenient.

Inflation will be less of a problem as interest rates will be higher but the move will be restrained do to the high debt loads many carry. China has been over leveraged and while they are normalizing their economy it is still a long way from maturity. Interest rates will move higher but very slowly as the economy recovers. Higher interest rates will cool the present housing bubble but a crash is possible if fear grips the market.

COVID-19 will finally be a less of a problem as more people are immunized. New versions of immunization products are needed now to cope with mutations. Most likely a polyvalent immunization product will be widely available. The body count from COVID-19 may never be known as many poor countries bury the dead immediately. COVID-19 is most likely the worst plague to affect humanity ever.

Laptop computers are becoming less expensive and this trend suggests that a machine today that costs $340 will be $200 in 5 years and it will likely be more powerful. The low cost Celeron laptop in the studio is used for mobile needs. The trend to lower costs ill be able to get more laptops into more homes around the world. Highly integrated components reduce the labor cost to assemble machines.

The global economy will be stronger due to the resurgence of life as it was before COVID-19. Employment trends will be different as remote work can be effective for many positions. Laptop sales will be brisk which will make mass production practical for years to come. Global GDP may rise in the next 5 years by $5 trillion or so.

Gaming has been growing substantially will likely be 30% bigger in 5 years. It may also employ even more people. Hardcore Games will still be around to bring news and information galore.