G.Skill DDR5-6400

No real surprise that DDR5 is backordered by some 23 weeks according to several reports. So for those drooling over Z690 should realize that Intel supports DDR4. There are several DDR4 based model motherboards that can perk up the average gaming box.

The image is of G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5-6400 which is a kit of 2 or 4 sticks to provide the best performance for a PC. 4x16GB affords 64GB which is excessive for gaming but it does afford opportunities in other directions. 4x32GB and 4x64GB have not yet been added to catalogs.

Last year I computed some PAR2 recovery files for chess endgame tables. The tables make up 1.12 TB and the 2% recovery is intended to permit recovery when a disk error manifests. I have experienced a fault with one of my Seagate 4TB and one of my Seagate 8TB hard disks so taking some steps to protect data seems to be prudent. The recovery files pushed the CPU hard and it used almost all of the 32GB of installed RAM and the processing time took over 18 hours.

Here at Hardcore Games, the AM4 box with 32GB of DDR4 is not hurting. Sitting on the sidelines makes more sense given the pricing of DDR5 of late. The machine is fine with contemporary games.

The H115i water cooler does not fit Z690 so I would need a new CPU cooler which does add to the cost. AM4 is backwards compatible with even AM2 and AM3 coolers. AMD may well stick to the same size package and simply use denser array of pins to the motherboard.

Over on fleabay prices for DDR5 are like everything else, way out of line with reality. So all the DDR5 that SK Hynix has been making has to be going somewhere and it is likely servers rather than gaming boxes. Not sure what Samsung is up to with DDR5 as they are such a large conglomerate.

Z690 boards with DDR4 support are available which has value. Eliminating the cost of RAM mitigates the cost of a new watercooler. The CPU costs are not super high and Intel has a good supply in the market.