No real surprise to find all of the RX 6900 TX cards stuffed into various mining rigs. The sheer waste of gaming cards is reprehensible to gaming interests. The model cards seem to be liquid cooled but there are no connectors visible for a cooling pump and radiator fittings. On various mining forums the storey is the same, mining enthusiasts buy more and more video cards chasing profits.

AMD Polaris card users are complaining that earnings per card are a measly $1 with ETH. Some are flocking to the RavenMiner which pays maybe $1.35. The earnings are so low that the cost of power and taxes means that these cards are now no longer viable for mining. As earning fall I expect to see a flood of Polaris cards for sale on fleabay at lower prices. Recall that mining earnings are considered earned income. I have a spreadsheet that calculates the time needed to afford a new card and the lower earnings are making it virtually impossible. The results immediately suggests ETH will need to use specialized machines similar to the ones used by Bitcoin.

Somebody over in China has some Yeston RX 560 4GB cards for $231 each. These cards are $109 ordinarily. The RX 460 is a mainstream 1920×1080 gaming card from 5 years ago. Pricing is double MSRP but the card has zero earnings for mining as there is inadequate VRAM. The vendor is open to offers but the studio does not need an entry level card at present. So far prices have not fallen suggesting expectations are misaligned with stark reality.

Most mining now uses more recent cards like the RX 6900 XT as shown. These cards earn more which is why they are used for mining. The rack has 9 cards and there seems to be a monitor on the wall to watch the operation. With dual power supplies there is another limitation on the number of cards possible.

Bear markets are typically defined by a decline of 20% or more from recent highs. Bitcoin is down 20% from an all-time high of nearly $69,000 which it hit earlier this month. Traders can leverage declines for tax purposes. Discussing earning on Reddit suggest ETH will not be practical with video cards. This will free up millions of video cards and a flood is expected to inundate fleabay. Gaming can use dual Radeon cards easily.