It has been reported that after repeated appeals that the US has won an order to have Julian Assange extradited from the UK. Meanwhile Snowden is now a permanent resident of Russia. Since about 1985 the internet has made everyone a journalist.

WikiLeaks and Assange burst onto the international scene with the release of footage from a 2007 airstrike in Baghdad that resulted in the deaths of two Reuters journalists, among others. Ever since, Assange has been subject to US secret warrants. So much for a free press.

WikiLeaks gained more attention in 2010 after it published scores of confidential U.S. records, which American officials said put lives at risk. The leak, which saw the release of classified defense documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as on detainees at Guantanamo Bay, sparked an international outcry.  The Panama papers showed widespread tax evasion by the wealthy.

Manning was jailed for a year before Obama ordered his release. Manning refused to testify and was held perpetual until he cooperated. Manning was released after 18 months.

Recall the suspicious allegation of sex assault. This drive assange to seek refused with Ecuador. The charges now have been withdrawn as Assange is now in a secure prison facing the US extradition requesters. Senior judges found the lower judge had based her decision in January on the risk of Assange being held in highly restrictive prison conditions if extradited.

Assange has been in de facto custody for over 11 years now. The US had offered four assurances, including that Assange would not be subject to solitary confinement pre or post-trial or detained at the ADX Florence Supermax jail – a maximum security prison in Colorado – if extradited.

Lawyers for the US said he would be allowed to transfer to Australia to serve any prison sentence he may be given closer to home. Jailing journalists is anathema to a free press. If convicted in the US, Assange, 50, faces a possible penalty of up to 175 years in jail, his lawyers have said. However the US government said the sentence was more likely to be between four and six years. So 11 years remanded already from abuses should be granted a speedy trial motion.

Reporters Sans Frontières, said: “We condemn today’s UK High Court decision to allow the extradition of Julian Assange to the US, which will prove historic for all the wrong reasons.”

Abuse of process and malicious prosecution are also torts against the warrant and abuses with legal complaint after legal complain. The Bill of Rights calls for a free press. Originally the US was denied, that is called res judicata. Still the US keeps attacking which is a abuse of the rRght to Due Process.