Unleash your imagination with new Intel Arc graphics solutions, coming Q1 2022; hardware, software, and services. All built to help you game, create, and stream—without limits.

Intel will probably expand on the presentation at the CES in January.

The new Intel Arc Graphics Solutions will deliver high performance gaming, immersive visuals, and seamless game streaming & creation experiences.

Codename Alchemist is only the beginning. We’ll reveal more about our silicon, software, and services roadmap in the near future.

  • Codename Alchemist
  • Codename Battlemage
  • Codename Celestial
  • Codename Druid

Intel Arc graphics products built on gaming-first Codename Alchemist SoCs will be available in desktops, add-in-cards, and notebook form factors from global partners in Q1 2022.

This entry-level GPU would be the entry-level model with 128 execution units. It will have a performance equivalent to that of an NVIDIA GTX 1650 Super, or an AMD RX 590. Intel’s low-end Alchemist graphics card is expected to work with a 96-bit memory interface and a TDP of 75 W. This entry-level product is expected to be priced at $ 179 or more.

Machine learning helps synthesize images that are very close to the quality of native ultra-high-res rendering by reconstructing subpixel details from neighboring pixels, as well as motion-compensated previous frames. This reconstruction is performed by a neural network trained to deliver high performance and exceptional quality. The Intel XeSS is implemented using open standards to ensure wide availability on many games and across a broad set of shipping hardware, from both Intel and other GPU vendors*.

Additionally, the XeSS algorithm can leverage the DP4a and XMX hardware capabilities of Xe GPUs for better performance.

Intel is now finally ready to enter into the graphics market at a time when competition is sorely needed. The GTX 3050 is likely being poised to sabotage the new Intel logic but that Intel card is now expected until later in 2022.