Sexy Airlines was released on December 20, 2021 by Nutaku Publishing and Playduction. The game was developed by Playduction. Sexy Airlines is an idle-clicker dating game, that puts you in charge of an airlines company. Your goal is to use your business to hire flight attendants and get intimate with them. The more successful your business, the greater your ability to progress with the girls and make them fall for you.

Sexy Airlines contains scenes showing uncensored nudity and explicit sexual interactions centered around sexy female flight attendants. All characters are over the age of 18. There are no scenes of sexual assault/violence/non-consensual sex, drug or self-harm.

We’ve all faced it – long, boring flights with nothing but the in-flight magazine to breeze through over and over again, wouldn’t it be great with flight attendants that know how to give REAL service?

Sexy Airlines is an idle/clicker dating game that lets you take the steering wheel and maneuver your way through the exciting ups and downs of life as a CEO of an airlines company . Ever wanted to hit it off with a saucy stewardess? At Sexy Airlines you get to hire the sexiest attendants our world has to offer, to manage your flights, while chatting them up via the in-game company messenger system. The closer you are with your beauties, the more they bring in every flight!! Shower them with gifts you collect from luggage left behind by absent-minded passengers on your flights and take them to exotic destinations. Spend diamonds to buy luggage directly if you can’t wait to make steady progress with the girls. Keep at it and our sky-high sugar babes might just let you discover their more intimate side!

At Sexy Airlines, love is truly, in the air.

Sexy Airlines is an excellent idol game. its a free game so progress is slow. if you like idol games this is a good one. if your just trying to see boobs, then you can pay to go faster. very fun stuff. Sexy airlines is a idle game that holds your hand entirely way to much. now I know people have made jokes about games holding your hand, and i have even heard idle games where they play themselves adventure capitalist im lookin at you.

The content is locked behind two mechanics, the first of them being “replies”. Each picture requires at least several of them, with more and more required progressively. Meanwhile the rate you get replies is a trickle.  Diamonds are the game’s currency are very hard to get in any kind of quantity. The second mechanic is gifts, which are obtained through… loot boxes. Ultimately every picture and every costume requires extensive farming of particular lootboxes – with you being hardly able to unlock anything unless you actively pay for it.


Operating SystemWindows 7 or better
CPUIntel Atom or better
Memory512 MB or more
Hard Drive Space2 GB
Graphics HardwareDX9 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required