It is likely that AMD will have some comments over their AM5 platform and the new X670 platform. It is known that the southbridge will still be PCIe 4.0 based . The move to DDR5 is know to be implemented.

Earlier slides suggested a discrete USB 4.0 solution will likely be needed. So looking towards CES when AMD makes their presentation it will be clearer what models of AM5 motherboards for the first wave.

AM3 and AM4 went through several refinement so this suggests AM5 will also be refined over the next few years.

Intel Z690 was recently launched and they span DDR4 and DDR5 suggesting this is one option. Still there is more cost attached with a new water cooler. At present the X570 platform is strong so it is not likely that I will make a move to X670 quickly but that is contingent on features such as good support for graphics.

DDR5 is still hard to find and supplies for consumers are likely to be better as 2022 unfolds. This is why Intel supported DDR4 and its possible AMD may do the same thing with X670.