It seems that somebody has found a pile of EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW cards for mining, These are the new model and already mining interests have bought a large number of cards rather than them being sold to the gaming community. The disgust is clear as there mean a lot of NVIDIA fans will be annoyed. Counting boxes there are 30 cards. I posted this image on the EVGA forum to protest.

For those on the hunt for an RTX 3080 Ti,  your search is likely to become a bit harder. EVGA has released a firmware update that appears to drastically increase the mining hash rate of its RTX 3080 Ti’s. Sadly, you can probably infer what that means. EVGA 3080 Ti’s are suddenly more appealing to miners, and more cards in the hands of miners means less in the hands of gamers. This proves they turned their back on gaming.

EVGA now is the grinch who stole Christmas. Some gamers will find this is unforgivable.

EVGA 3080 Ti FWT LHR cards

This older pike of cards evidently a couple of years ago. These cards go back to before the LHR models came to the market. This pike is an assortment of brands with EVGA being only a smaller portion of the pile. The count suggests50 cards are in the image.