Usually nobly bothers with the legalese on the site. Trademark and copyright apply to the site. The screenshots shows a lot of different people were all on the site looking at legalese and other topics of interest. Some also were interested in the services offered.

In total over 40 page views were rendered in a few minutes suggesting a large team was looking over the site closely. Google recognized 15 different agents which tells me there was a workgroup involved.

Hardcore Games has been around so long that its hard to fathom. Hardcore Games is older than Microsoft let alone any of the more recent ventures. The site content has been migrated several times from a BBS to HTML then finally to WordPress. The site is self hosted on an old Lenovo x230 with 8GB RAM and a SSD.

Ubuntu Linux is used as it is more familiar to me as compared to some other distributions. Ubuntu is based on the Debian distribution which is an older but stable distribution. I have so much experience with Linux that I could be considered a guru. Eventually I may restore my Linux site but income is rather bad right now.