For some reason some hard disks disappeared again and then the video stopped working. The RX 6900 XT can show the BIOS but for some reason it cannot enter higher resolution mode. Removing the card and reseating it did not help at all. I reset the BIOS but that did not help. I spent $2500 on the RX 6900 XT so I am not happy. It appears some serious problems have surfaced. The machine was working fine earlier.

I use pop rivets to secure video cards as I am not able to get screws into the back bracket very easily at all. I have a Dremel tool to grind them out quickly. The main advantage to pop rivets is that they are secure. The weight of modern video cards is rather high so the rivet can hold a card secure. The design of the bracket mount needs to be revised so there is a slot similar to the typical PCIe peripheral cards.

I tested the card on the B350M box and it also did not work at all. I then installed my old RX 480 8GB card and it works fine suggesting the RX 6900 XT has indeed failed. Power is not an issue with the Corsair AX1600i which has served well. I also have other extreme power supplies like the HX1000i available to test cards with.

Once the holidays are over I am going to have to return the card to NewEgg and reconsider my options for graphics. There is lots of room in the Obsidian 750D chassis for video cards. I am not going to have the card replaced as my motherboard is impacted so it needs to be replaced.

After rebooting I noticed most of the hard disks were MIA. I then replaced many cable and was able to restore some of the hard disks. The Toshiba 12TB disk is now damaged so that means I will have to get more disks to handle all the games in the library. Two of the 8TB disks are still not working which suggests some hard disks are damaged. The problems are now likely to set me back over $1000 in storage alone. I have unlimited downloads so restoring games is not a prooblem. After e Toshiba problem, I am sticking with cheap Seagate hard disks for the time being.

I then installed the RTX 2080 back into the machine and the card seems to be working properly, The RX 69000 XT is now evidently damaged and the fault may be causal for the faults. I will be discussing this with NewEgg and I am not intending to get another card at this time.

I am considering a new SATA card to replace the old low cost 4-port card. There are 8-port and 16-port cards available at low cost now so one of them would solve the port shortage effectively. I bought more SATA cables as there never seems to be enough of them on hand. The old 8-port SAS cards are now very low cost which makes them very desirable.


Looking at the Toshiba MG09 12TB I noticed the pins were bent. Evidently the data pins are not secure with a plastic back like the Seagate and WDC disks are. This means that the hard disk is not suitable for a gaming box using separate power and SATA data cables. There are SFF cables which may be less problematic but they are more expensive.


Windows was broken badly so I had to reset Windows 11. This went fine until at the last stage it was stuck at 95% for an hour then at 98% for another half an hour. Rebooting is painfully slow suggesting Windows 11 needs a lot of work on it yet. The Samsung 980 Pro SSD is fast but the glacial performance of Windows 11 is telling.

Reboots with Windows 11 do not even show the spinning circle of dots. The BIOS logo shows only and it now takes over 5 minutes to boot the machine. At one time booting Windows was 35 seconds. Most likely there will be more updates for Windows 11 in 2022 to address the problems.


Summer may be a better time to get some more video cards when the mining sector changes emerge. The expectation is that earnings will nosedive and profits evaporate. Still there is still a long time from now until June 2022.