Christmas tree

Hardcore Games wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This year marks the first time in decades that there is snow on the ground. The southern part of Vancouver Island rarely sees snow but a cold polar air mass has brought cooler weather and the result is a few inches. The forecast for colder weather suggests the snow will remain for few weeks before the warmer rain melts it away. The warming and cooling with snow can make driving treacherous as the ice builds up un the snow.

NASA launched the new James Webb space telescope today and it reached orbit in only 30 minutes. The project cost about $10 billon and the new telescope will eventually replace the old Hubble telescope. The James Webb space telescope will unpack as it transits to its desired location about 1.5 million km from Earth. If successful the new James Webb space telescope will revolutionize astronomy with its much larger mirror. The design is for near infrared which makes it easier to view high redshift objects, So far the project has been able to stay under $10 billion.

COVID-19 still has not disappeared as new variants are emerging periodically. Delta has been slowly replaced by omicron which is now known to be hyper infectious. Earlier suggestions that this would be over by now would be amazed at hospitals reaching record admittances and new infection levels reaching records levels as well. Pfizer said new immunizations would be available in early 2022. Until everyone is immunized COVID-19 will continue for years to come. The Chinese city of Xi’an has been placed under lockdown due to a local outbreak of the Delta variantas the government attempts to eradicate the disease.

While this year has been better than last there is still much to be done to make 2022 a better year. In 2022 the studio intends to revamp storage so that the fiascos of last year are not repeated. Most likely more hard disks will be procured to expand on the aggregate storage in the studio.

Looking towards mid 2022 when more video cards are expected to be sold off. This affords the idea of using dual video cards to perk up gaming. NVIDIA has abandoned dual cards with RTX Ampere but Radeon cards are supported for hardcore gaming. There is likely to be a flood based on what I have learned from the mining community. There are many miners who plan to buy up liquidated hardware in a bid to try alternatives.

2022 is likely to see some regulation of mining and bitcoin etc. The reason is that there is enough money invested to have systemic effects which is all the more reason to regulate. A regulated bitcoin would be of longer term benefit. Exchange regulations are also needed. Given that bitcoin etc represent over $2 trillion its large enough to warrant regulation to prevent systemic risks.