Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said China has been “playing” Western states against each other and that democracies should present a “united front” in response. “There’s been a bit of competition amongst friends because we’re capitalist democracies trying to do well, especially given the extraordinary economic opportunity of the rise in the Chinese middle class,” Trudeau said in an interview with Global News that aired on Saturday.

“We’ve been competing, and China has been from time to time very cleverly playing us off each other in an open-market, competitive way,” Trudeau said. “We need to do a better job of working together and standing strong so that China can’t play the angles and divide us one against the other.”

Trudeau’s comments come at a fraught time between the two governments. For nearly three years, China held two Canadians in jail as accused spies — a move Canada saw as retaliation for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei Technologies Co.’s chief financial officer and eldest daughter of its billionaire founder. After Meng Wanzhou was allowed to return to China, the Canadian hostages were immediately returned to Canada. This is an example of the political hardball that China is indulging in. It smacks of the old Soviet style of 50 years ago with checkpoint Charlie.

Earlier this month, Canada joined America. and other Western allies in announcing a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, citing human rights concerns. The Trudeau government is also considering banning Huawei from participating in the country’s 5G wireless network.

In an open letter, top executives at Boeing and Airbus warned that the technology could have “an enormous negative impact on the aviation industry.”

Concerns have previously been raised that C-Band spectrum 5G wireless could interfere with aircraft electronics. C-band runs from 4 GHz to 8 GHz and suffer less rain attenuation. C-band horn antennas have been in use since the 1950s for telecommunications. The C-band frequencies of 5.4 GHz band [5.15 to 5.35 GHz, 5.47 to 5.725 GHz, or 5.725 to 5.875 GHz, depending on the region of the world] are used for IEEE 802.11a Wi-Fi wireless computer networks.

A united approach to China will be better in the long term. China has some problems with civil rights and dissent is often subject to surveillance. While China has improved there is still more to be done.

A free floating yuan still does not exist in the global trading markets. While China is a large economy a floating currency would make trade easier for the rest of the world. China also needs more independant and carefully regulated banks.