After I reset Windows 11 Steam has to be recovered after losing a 12TB disk full of games. This change to drive managed hard disks is safer as the Seagate disks are known and seem to be reliable subject to the need for erasing the disks occasionally. A bug in Steam keep prompting to install it over and over again suggesting there are still a lot of issues with Windows 11 to fix.

Not sure how many more hard disks I will need yet but once I get a replacement motherboard I will be able to see what disks still work.

Steam now makes a new folder called SteamApps on a disk. This is located in the root of the disk but a “Program Files (x86)/Steam” folder can be make and Steam will use it.

I need to replace some damaged disks but the problem of downloading games over and over is a real problem even for unlimited internet users. 12TB of games were lost when the Toshiba disk failed..