No game in 2021 has make such an impact that Halo: Infinite has done. Hardcore Games awards Halo the game of the year for 2021. So far the Halo series has earned well over $6 billion which is why the successive game have all been stellar. Hard to imaging that Halo: Combat Evolved could every lead to such a saga of games.

It is known that 343 is intending to support coöperative gaming in the campaign. This will make the game increasingly popular as friends can now take on the brutes and try to find Cortana.343 said it will be available with season 2 when it launches in about 2 more months. Its very likely that 343 will continue to maintain Halo: infinite much they did with the Halo: Master Chief Collection to make it the best game possible.

Before Halo: Infinite was launched Xbox launched Halo: Master Chief Collection on Steam making it a powerful presence. Each game was released as DLC as the remastering was time consuming. At the same time there series was well maintained to eliminate bugs not noticed in early testing. This set the stage for Halo: Infinite. All that is missing is Halo 5: Guardians.

Before Halo: Infinite continues to be popular on Steam after release suggesting many are playing the free multiplayer component. There are large arena maps for those who like team vs team games. There are many modes in the multiplayer. The campaign is excellent and its larger and much more than Halo 4 and Halo 5 together. Halo: Infinite has undoubtedly earned Xbox a lot of cash but while successful on Steam for the PC crowd the consoles are not as clear.

Halo: Infinite also bested Cyberpunk 2077 for managing delays. What happened with the split destinies of Halo Infinite and Cyberpunk 2077? Halo: Infinite supposed to be a launch game for the Xbox Series X/S in fall 2020. A full year, where the game just launched this past week. A year of polish has led to rave reviews for both its campaign and multiplayer components, with the game being heralded as the best Halo since the Bungie era, and maybe even further back than that. CyberPunk 2077 eventually released several major updates to stabilize the release.

The Halo: Infinite multiplayer mode is free which means there are thousands of players everyday ready to play. There are bots as well for those who want to practice before jumping into the fray. I tend to play the 12v12 which offers fast respawns and lots of action with red vs blue. Most of the hours so far racked up with Halo: Infinite are with the multiplate by far. I have maybe 2 hours into the campaign but eventually I will finish it too while making screenshots along the way.

Over on the Halo Waypoint forum there is still several threads concerning Halo 5: Guardians. So far the game was only on the console and it has not been offered on the PC as of yet. Some comments about the campaign but the multiplayer is not critical as Infinite is free to play given it a leg up on MCC etc. If nothing else Halo 5 would make the campaign in Infinite more intelligible. This is because Halo 4, Halo 5 and Infinite make up the reclaimer trilogy.