Miners have been experimenting with the Dell RTX 3080 Ti in order to boost the mining performance. For the most part, efforts have been trying different RTX 3090 VBIOS and some reports has rates of 110 MH/s mining Ethereum. EVGA GPU Firmware Boosts GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Crypto Mining Performance By Up To 21%.

For those that have a DELL RTX 3080 TI or any other RTX 3080 TI with a device ID that contains 2204 (See GPU Z Device ID field), you should be able to flash your card with this (3090 BIOS)

nvflash64 -b backup.rom 
nvflash64 --list 
nvflash64 --index=5 --protectoff 
nvflash64 --index=5 Dell.RTX3090.24576.210726.rom

So much for a LHR video card for gaming, ETH 2.0 cannot come soon enough for gaming,

Kapow said DAG Epoch 278 is active. Evidently each Epoche is 30,000 blocks so it does take while to process them.